Array Collection

The collection consists of 105 brains; 35 each schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and unaffected controls.

Demographic Table

 Unaffected ControlsSchizophreniaBipolar Disorder
Mean age and range44.1 (31-59)42.6 (19-59)45.3 (19-64)
Race35 W35 W33 W, 1 B, 1 NA
Sex26M, 9F26M, 9F17M, 18F
Mean PMI and range (hrs)29.4 (9-58)31.3 (9-80)37.9 (12-84)
Mean pH and range6.6 (6.0-7.0)6.5 (5.9-6.9)6.4 (5.8-7.0)
 Side of brain19 R, 16 L18 R, 17 L16 R, 19 L
Diagnosisno axis 127 undifferentiated7 paranoid

1 disorganized
26 BP I, 4 BP II,   4 BP NOS, 1 BP-SA
Psychotic features03520 +, 11-
Cause of death32 cardiac,3 other medical14 cardiac, 13 other medical, 1 accident, 7 suicide12 cardiac, 4 other medical, 4 accident, 15 suicide

Samples Currently Available

Frontal cortexRNA1 ug500 ng/ul
Frontal cortexcDNA50 ng2.5 ng/ul
Frontal cortexprotein20 ug2 ug/ul
Cingulate cortexRNA2 ug
Cingulate cortexsections (on slides)14 um thick frozen
Orbital frontal cortexRNA1 ug500 ng/ul
Orbital frontal cortexprotein20 ug2 ug/ul
Premotor Cx (BA6)protein20 ug2 ug/ul
Parietal cortexRNA1 ug500 ng/ul
Parietal cortexprotein20 ug2 ug/ul
CerebellumRNA2 ug500 ng/ul
Corpus callosumRNA2 ug500 ng/ul
Hippocampussections (on slides)14 um thick frozen
Superior temporal gyrusRNA2 ug500 ng/ul
Superior temporal gyrusDNA2 ug10 ng/ul
Superior temporal gyrusprotein20 ug2 ug/ul
Occipital cortexRNA5 ug500 ng/ul
Occipital cortexDNA1 ug10 ng/ul
CerebellumDNA1 ug10 ng/ul
LiverDNA1 ug10 ng/ul
SpleenDNA1 ug10 ng/ul

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