Depression Collection

The depression collection consists of 36 brains; 12 each depression with psychotic features, depression without psychotic features and unaffected controls.

Demographic Details Chart for Depression Collection

 ControlsDepression with psychosisDepression without psychosis
Age (mean years)46.841.542.8
Sex (M/F)8/46/67/5
Race11W, 1H12W11W, 1H
Brain pH (mean)6.646.596.71
PMI (mean hours)25.335.7523.6
Hemisphere (L/R)6/68/47/5

The PMI is significantly longer in the depression group with psychosis as compared to the other two groups.M, male; F, female; W, white; H, Hispanic; L, left; R, right

Samples Currently Available

FrontalRNA5 ug0.5 ug/ul
Frontalsections (on slides)14 um thick frozen
CingulateRNA5 ug0.5 ug/ul
Cingulateprotein2 ug2 ug/ul
Cingulatesections (on slides)14 um thick frozen
Hippocampussections (on slides)14 um thick frozen
Amygdalasections (on slides)14 um thick frozen
OccipitalDNA5 ug50 ng/ul


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Depressions Collection Studies Publications

Stanley maintains a list of publications based on research arising from SMRI Depressions Collection studies.

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